Welcome to Mason Auto Body

For some reason, no one really plans to visit Mason Auto Body. More often than not, the decision is made by someone else. Often it’s a careless motorist who decides to involve them in their determination to “make it” through the next yellow light.

Accidents happen and our customers tell us they wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for quality collision repair and customer service second to none.

We thank them for allowing us the opportunity to make their vehicle a lot nicer to look at and safe again.

By being the best at what we do and treating our customers like we wish to be treated, folks don’t seem to mind stopping by all that much. They’ve been doing it since 1976.

At Mason Auto Body we have been providing high quality repairs for Ingham County as well as Holt, Leslie, Lansing, Haslett, Eaton Rapids, Dansville, Stockbridge and many more communities in Michigan.


Important claim information you should know:

You are not required by law to secure more than one estimate unless it’s specified in your policy.

You may have the shop of your choice make the repairs.

You are not required to use a shop selected by an insurance claims adjuster or agent.

Only you, as owner of the vehicle, can authorize repairs on your vehicle.